Lindsay Lohan is hitched to Bader Shammas, the star's group affirms

 Lohan shared to Instagram in November that she was locked in to Shammas

Her representative saying at the time that the couple had been dating for quite a long time

"I'm the most fortunate lady on the planet," Lohan subtitled a selfie of the couple in the new Instagram post. 

You tracked down me and realize that I needed to track down bliss and beauty, all simultaneously. The fact that you are my better half makes me stunned."

She proceeded, "My life and my beginning and end. Each lady ought to feel like this regular."

Among those sending support was Lohan's Mean Girls co-star Jonathan Bennett

On Nov. 28, Lohan reported the commitment by stating, "My affection. My life. My loved ones. My future.

The star has two component films on the way for Netflix

The first is chief Janeen Damian's Falling for Christmas