Jhené Aiko is pregnant!

Chilombo vocalist, 34, is expecting a child with long-term accomplice Big Sean.

Aiko is as of now a mother to a 13-year-old girl, Namiko Love

The couple is thrilled and happy regarding pregnancy

Aiko and Big Sean — who have teamed up on music projects regularly

Pair are expecting their most memorable child together started last month after a fan composed on Twitter that he saw the couple

Back in 2020, Big Sean delivered the track "Profound Reverence," where he talked about losing a kid in one of the melody's sections.

At first, they began as companions in 2012 and began dating earnestly in 2016.

Sean Don and Jhené's relationship has bloomed above and beyond 10 years now

Their adoration was areas of strength for so lively they even parlay it into a cooperative undertaking called Twenty88.