Rihanna Steps Out at ASAP Rocky’s Concert After Giving Birth

Rihanna is all over town two months subsequent to inviting her child! On Sunday, the 34-year-old artist was spotted at A$AP Rocky’s set during Lollapalooza in Paris, France.

Rihanna wore a tracksuit for the excursion, wearing dim jeans with two white stripes running down the leg. Her coat was flawlessly planned and highlighted green accents. She finished her look with numerous extensive neckbands, a green fanny pack, and a few hoops.
Rihanna’s time at the live event came that very month that she unveiled her most memorable appearance since conceiving an offspring, when she made an appearance to a London hair salon with A$AP.

Rihanna and A$AP invited their most memorable youngster together in May.

“They are euphoric,” a source told ET at that point. “She’s been anticipating parenthood for quite a while. This young man will have the best child design.”

Presently, another source told ET that A$AP, 33, “needs to be the most ideal father and keep on dealing with Rihanna,” adding that the rapper is “truly anticipating raising their child kid together.”

Soon thereafter, in a meeting with Dazed, A$AP focused on his expectations for his youngsters.

“I desire to bring up receptive kids. Not individuals who separate. What’s more, I’m making an effort not to depict a holy person, however all things considered, I simply need a cool kid with cool guardians,” he said. “I won’t necessarily remind my youngsters to ever lose their creative mind, even as grown-ups, regardless.”

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