Julie Chen Moonves teases Big Brother 24 premiere and eviction night twists

Julie Chen Moonves teases Big Brother 24 premiere and eviction night twists
Julie Chen Moonves teases Big Brother 24 premiere and eviction night twists

Summer is here! Yet additionally… summer is finished! Or possibly getting a charge out of things like the “ocean side” and “nature” and “outside air” is for unscripted television addicts that will rush back inside to their TVs and live feeds beginning with the July 6 debut of Big Brother season 24. And keeping in mind that we hang tight not-really calmly for that 8 p.m. begin time on CBS, we have our most memorable chunks of intel on what’s in store graciousness of host Julie Chen Moonves.

“The live debut will be an hour and a half with 16 fresh out of the box new faces” says Moonves, which, in fact we definitely knew. Hey now, you can show improvement over that, Chenbot! “The difficulties that you will see on debut night are pristine difficulties that are insane.” Alright, “new” and “insane” challenges. Presently we are getting some place.

Notwithstanding those difficulties, it appears to be that another contort will be released on night 1 that will flip around the house (not in a real sense, albeit that would be wonderful) and send the Houseguests scrambling. That, yet America will have a voice and a vote as a component of that turn. (Oooooh, interest!) On the drawback, the host likewise uncovers that while they were wanting to get back to a live studio crowd, that plan has been placed on hold because of COVID safety measures — essentially for the beginning of the time. (Really awful, however in every case better to decide in favor security.)

In any case, Moonves would rather not discuss the debut. She needs to discuss what will occur after the debut. “I think the huge, large, enormous news is that our most memorable ousting show will resemble no other expulsion show,” prods the host. “Since the individual who gets expelled may not be who you think.” Excuse me? Make sense of. “It could nearly be anybody,” Moonves says. “We have new degrees of interactivity and turns that the game is surely not what you think it is this season more than some other. It’s our 24th season. We need to truly change everything around.”

Sooooo, what precisely does that mean? That removal night will begin with customary candidates, and keeping in mind that the Houseguests are choosing whom to expel, JCM will drop a sensation on them? “Indeed, precisely!” answers Moonves. “Plan for something amazing! We need to hand it to [the players]. These individuals come in. They’re specialists. They’ve watched since they resembled eight years of age. They know the game. We need to effectively keep them honest.”

Concerning a season subject, Chen spills that season 24’s topic will be… BB Fest. “At the end of the day, who doesn’t cherish a celebration?” asks the host. “So all through the mid year, you will see different celebrations: Music Fest, Renaissance Fest, Comedy. Yet, my number one… ” And this is where she stops for emotional impact. “We will have a Zing Fest.”

Stop it. Stop the article. Quit everything. Did she simply say Zing Fest? Is Julie simply screwing with me since she realizes how stunningly fixated I am with the Zingbot (a cheeky, kidding robot that goes into the house each late spring for the sole motivation behind offending the candidates)? Furthermore, pause, what precisely occurs during a Zing Fest? Does that simply mean… more punches?

“I would envision more punches,” says Moonves. “I want to believe that they can take it. The punches are so brutal. You ought to hear some that don’t make the show. Get on your toughness, individuals! Prepare!” The host likewise noticed that “We never punch the superstars. There are normally individuals groveling all over them. We can’t do that to them.” Indeed.

Concerning the house style, the Chenbot still couldn’t seem to enter it yet when we talked however had been informed on its search for 2022. “It should feel very Palm Springs, mid-century, BB Motel. Each time I see BB Motel, I believe it resembles the Roach Motel. You can check in, however you can’t look at. Except if you get expelled.”

Talking about being removed, however pleasant as the Cookout seemed to be to observe last season, it checked one more portion in which one larger part collusion cut down and ousted the opposition with practically no obstruction. We asked Moonves for what good reason it has been for such a long time since we have seen two major power partnerships exchange blows inside the house.

“I believe this is on the grounds that a great deal of times major areas of strength for the, they are inside one gathering,” says the host. “So to have areas of strength for two clash all through the entire summer, that is hard, in light of the fact that you need to accompany areas of strength for the. You need to collaborate with individuals that you think can truly take you as far as possible. And afterward you have the strays only sort of confused, attempting to track down their direction, hanging on from multi week to another.”

What’s more, we’re basically hanging on trusting that tomorrow evening’s debut will start off another BB crusade. Talking about which, does Julie have her debut outfit selected at this point? “Indeed, I have! It got gotten from my home yesterday. It’s most likely resting in the studio now.”

Any prods with regards to the outfit? “Think Prince,” says the host. Assuming getting she’s putting down, it seems like we ought to all prepare for Moonves’ purple rule of facilitating dread.

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