Julia Roberts and George Clooney Reluctantly Reunite in ‘Pass to Paradise’ Trailer

Julia Roberts and George Clooney are featuring opposite each other in a lighthearted comedy, yet they aren’t enamored when they rejoin.

“Most horrendously terrible 19 years of my life,” says Clooney’s personality in the trailer, depicting his relationship with his ex, played by Roberts.

“We were just hitched for five,” she answers, which he then explains by taking note of: “I’m counting the recuperation.”

The megastars collaborated for Universal’s Ticket to Paradise — denoting every one of their hotly anticipated gets back to the lighthearted comedy classification. The trailer, which dropped on Wednesday, gives moviegoers a first glance at Roberts and Clooney playing a separated from couple who return together for a Bali journey in order to stop their lovestruck little girl (played by Kaitlyn Dever) from messing up the same way they assume they made a long time back by wedding somebody she recently met and discarding her vocation.

To be sure, the trailer (watch, underneath) sees the exes endeavoring to fool their little girl into unloading her new life partner, including taking the wedding bands to ignite a battle. “We need to settle on some kind of peace agreement to make this work,” says Roberts, with Clooney concurring they should be in “lockstep” and endeavoring to put the aloof (and forceful) animosity as a second thought for their greater reason.

Old Parker coordinated and co-composed the content with Daniel Pipski — the content being the ticket that tricked Clooney to the film. “I haven’t done a rom-com truly since [1996’s] One Fine Day,” Clooney told Deadline recently. “I’ve done some kind of nasty ones, you know, and in this one, Julia and I simply become mean to one another in the most clever manner. … It’s simply a truly fun, fun, fun cast as far as possible around.”

Furthermore, it was Clooney who assisted book Roberts a return with stumbling to romantic comedies.

“Individuals in some cases misjudge how much time that is gone by that I haven’t done a lighthearted comedy as my not having any desire to complete one,” Roberts as of late told Vanity Fair of doing Ticket to Paradise after her 20-year class break. “Assuming I had perused something that I believed was that Notting Hill level of composing or My Best Friend’s Wedding level of silly tomfoolery, I would make it happen. There was no such thing as them until this film that I recently did that Ol Parker composed and coordinated.”

Of Ticket to Paradise, Roberts said she figured it would “just [work] in the event that it’s George Clooney. A modern day miracle, George felt it just worked with me. Some way or another we are both ready to make it happen, and off we went.”

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